Pilot Iroshizuku fountain pen ink is well known among one of the most luxurious inks.Each color has a theme...
Pilot Fountain pens are expertly crafted from premium materials for the utmost in writing performance, feel and reliability....
Namiki Fountain Pen ink Cartridges Pack of 6 Available in: Black,Blue, Purple, Green, Red  
The Pilot Metropolitan is classy with a brass body beautifully curved, with a cigar-like shape. Comes in matte finish and a glossy or patterned band just below the cap. The rollerball and fountain pens have black plastic grip sections and snap-on caps with simple metal clips. The caps can be posted on the backs of the pens.

The mechanical pencil foregoes the black grip section, allowing the curve of the body to continue uninterrupted through the silver nose cone and conical lead sleeve. The rear of the pencil is styled to look like a posted cap and has a functional clip. An exposed silver section provides space for the “cap” to move down when pressed to advance the lead. Overall, the refined look of the Pilot Metropolitan series makes each of its members seem at least twice as expensive as it is.

Inspired by nature, the Iroshizuku lineup offers 24 captivating colors drawn from across the seasons and landscapes of Japan. The name Iroshizuku means “droplets of color,” and each color is so clean and natural that you can almost imagine it being collected like dewdrops from tree leaves or cherry blossoms.

Iroshizuku inks are not just gorgeous in appearance—they are beautifully presented and well-behaved, too. They come in award-winning designer glass bottles, flow smoothly and reliably in nearly any pen, and are easy to clean out when you’re ready to change inks. For those who love sheen, many Iroshizuku inks will provide a spectacular red or gold sheen when used in a wet pen on fountain pen friendly paper.

Pilot/Namiki is one of Japan's fine writing instrument manufacturers. Its ink cartridges are proprietary, designed exclusively for Pilot/Namiki fountain pens. A box contains six cartridges. 

Enjoy the rich colors of Japan with every stroke. For every creative endeavor, Namiki provides the ultimate writing tool.