In form and color, the STUDENT is our most nostalgic series. It is also known for its good price-performance...
The Kaweco ink cartridges are available in international standard sizes and are therefore available everywhere worldwide.Simply unscrew the...
High quality workmanship is not only important to Kaweco for writing instruments.  All Kaweco writing instrument cases are...
One of the oldest Kaweco series is the LILIPUT. Already in 1908 the simple design of these writing instruments,...
At the beginning of the industrial age, writing instruments were made of hard rubber, also called ebonite. This was...
As early as 1905, Kaweco manufactured the first metal writing instruments. What was then made of silver or gold-plated...
Our latest series is characterized by the slightly opaque, milky plastic and the pastel colors. The icy, fresh look...
The reduced and characterful design of the Kaweco Sport made of high-quality plastic is also available in fresh...
A subtle, classy touch makes the Kaweco Classic Sport Chess Fountain Pen, Black a very elegant fine writing...
Something special was created in 1911 with the Kaweco Sport. A pocket fountain pen that was only 10.5 cm...
The Kaweco AC Sport got its inspiration from today's sports car construction. Aluminum and carbon are no longer just...

Kaweco is a German brand of writing implements, originally introduced by the Heidelberg Pen Company for its dip pens line in 1889.

Kaweco pens are designed with sophistication and attention to detail and have been available in contemporary materials and colors - since 1883.

Kaweco is distinctive for the octagonal design that can be found in many of our series. Whether fountain pen, gel roller or pencil, whether round or square, Kaweco offers classic design with character for every taste.

The Kaweco Sport range forms the backbone of Kaweco's product range today, and now extends from translucent plastic to solid aluminium versions; and from fountain pens to clutch pencils via ballpoint, rollerball and ink roller versions.  All Kaweco items are made with love and attention; with outstanding Kaweco Liliput super-compact pens and the AL Special range.

The combination of fashionable colors and simple details makes the Skyline Sport appear contemporary and an eye-catcher everywhere.

Kaweco Frosted sport is characterized by the slightly opaque, milky plastic and the pastel colors. The light colors and fresh names underline the summer feeling.

The brass of the Kaweco BRASS Sport develops a natural, individual patina by the user.

Kaweco AC Sport got its inspiration from today's sports car construction.

Kaweco LILIPUT is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world.

in 2018, the range expanded to the core of the brand : classic design and high-quality processing. Kaweco pens are high quality and available in over 40 countries.

Kaweco STEEL Sport is available in a noble, brushed look and appears cool, simple, elegant and unobtrusive.

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen is one of the most nostalgic in shape and color.

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