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Best-selling fountain pen inks

July 29, 2023 3 min read

Best-selling fountain pen inks

One of the best parts about writing with fountain pens is that you get total creative freedom to choose the ink. Fountain pens are a great tool whether you are an avid fountain pen writer, an artist, or a meticulous note-taker. Many fountain pen lovers know the joy that a pen gliding across the page, leaving behind a trail of vivid ink. An easy way up your fountain pen game and writing or drawing experience is to try a new fountain pen ink.

With various shades, finishes, and consistencies available, using a new ink can make it feel like you’re writing with a new pen and is an easy way to add variety to your letter writing, add a pop of colour to your art, or colour-code your notes for easy studying. Blesket Canada sells many fountain pen inks from various brands in various sizes. 

Here are our current top 5 best-selling fountain pen inks that are currently in stock:

1: Pilot Iroshizuku Fountain pen ink: Yama-Budo (Crimson Glory Vine)  A dark magenta pink with medium shading and a medium green sheen. 

Known to be one of the most luxurious inks on the market, Pilot Iroshizuku fountain pen ink is a carefully curated, thoughtful collection of inks named after beautiful nature and landscapes in Japan. The glass bottle makes these inks excellent gifts and display pieces. A small, cone-shaped hole in the bottom of the bottle makes it easier to use all of the ink in the bottle. 

2:  J. Herbin Fountain pen ink: Perle Noire (black pearl) A true black.

The oldest name in the pen inks world, J. Herbin has been creating inks since 1700. Perle Noir was created by J. Herbin himself; he named it “Perle Noire” for its preciousness, beauty and timeless everyday luxury. Using all-natural dyes, these water-based inks are non-toxic and pH neutral. The 30 ml bottle has an integrated pen rest, making these inks a great option for daily use. 

3: Monteverde Ink Core: California Teal A beautiful blue-leaning green with a pink sheen.

Rich in colour, vibrancy, and hues, Monteverde’s core ink collection comes in a wide spectrum of colours inspired by nature. The ink formula is lubricated to help prevent it from drying out inside your fountain pen. 

4: Lamy Crystal Ink-Periodot A flat forest green with no shading in finer nibs and average shading with broad nibs with a slightly pink sheen. 

With exceptional colour intensity and product quality, Lamy Crystal Inks come in 10 vibrant colours. These carefully curated inks are a great addition to Lamy’s portfolio and any fountain pen ink lover’s personal collection. 

5: Monteverde Ink Gemstone-Sapphire A true royal blue with a copper-green sheen

Monteverde inks feature ITF, which improves ink-flow quality, extends cap-off time and lubricates and protects the ink-feeding system preventing clogging. Inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones, Monteverde’s Gemstone Ink Collection features brilliant fountain pen inks rich in vibrancy and colour. 

6. Diamine Ink - All the Best Red ink with a burgundy sheen with added shimmer

Diamine Inks have been some of the highest-quality inks since 1864. Originally released as part of the 2021 InkVent collection, All the Best is now part of Diamine’s regular Red Edition collection. As this is an ink with added shimmer, it is best used with broader nibs.

We have an ink for every purpose

Whether you enjoy journaling, colour-coded note-taking, ink drawing, or calligraphy, the wide variety of fountain pen inks available allows for total customization, artistic expression, and freedom. Check out our  fountain pen ink collection and pick up a new ink for your stash!

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