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Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer pens have been a popular pen brand for over a century. Founded by Walter Sheaffer, Sheaffer pens were developed in the back room of his father's jewelry store in Fort Madison, Iowa. The patented fountain pen design by Sheaffer improved the writing experience for people putting the pen to a page across America and still does today.

Each Shaeffer pen is designed with a simple white dot, representing the company's symbol for quality, prestige, and performance. The white dot is also Sheaffer's emblem of their Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.

Sheaffer products cover a range of pen categories

Sheaffer is a prominent pen company that produces a wide range of writing products that are highly sought after. Their selection is extensive, featuring ballpoint pens and refills, rollerball pens and refills, and calligraphy nibs in various sizes, including fine, medium, wide and more, all of which are available at affordable prices, making a Sheaffer pen an affordable option for students and anyone wanting to get into calligraphy.

Ideal writing accessories for any pen lover

Sheaffer pen's easy-to-use pen refills are a popular choice for home ballpoint and rollerball pen users because of their consistent quality and reliability. It is probable that at least one pen in your home has a Sheaffer pen refill, even if Sheaffer does not make the pen body!

Rollerball pen refills

Sheaffer pen refills are a universal fit, making them a great option for rollerball pens.

Fountain pen converter

Compatible with most Sheaffer fountain pens, Sheaffer's fountain pen converter can be used with bottled inks.

Fountain pen ink cartridges

Coming in a range of colours, including classic black and blue and red, purple and green.

Calligraphy Kits

Sheaffer's calligraphy fountain pen kits are perfect for beginners and those looking to add to their pen collection. They have a lightweight body and a comfortable grip and are easy to use, no matter your skill level.

Sheaffer pens and accessories at Blesket

Blesket Canada carries a selective range of products from Sheaffer's expansive product line. If you are searching for high-quality writing accessories and pens, Blesket Canada covers all your stationery needs.

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