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Ferris Wheel Press is a premium line of fountain pens and fountain pen inks.

A Canadian stationery company located in Markham, Ontario, Ferris Wheel Press is a real story of success after a kick starter campaign brought their fountain pens to life. That was followed up by developing beautiful inks which are available in a variety of shades . 

Ferris wheel has Sketchbook as well as Fountain Pens and Pencil. The Brush Fountain Pens  are provided in 14kt gold plated as well as Steel nibs.

Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press is a premium line of Inks, pens and notebooks designed to delight and inspire.

A Canadian stationery company located in Markham, Ontario, Ferris Wheel Press is a real success story after a kick starter campaign brought their first fountain pen, The Brush Fountain Pen, to life.

Find your next favourite fountain pen

Ferris Wheel Press is a brand dedicated to creating writing tools for people who love the process of putting pen to page and writing. With fine and medium nibs available, and beautiful packaging that reflects the fountain pen's colour inside, it is easy to let your imagination flow across the page.

The Brush Fountain Pen

TheBrush Fountain Pens are available in 14kt gold plated or steel nibs. The brush fountain pen also comes in a variety of colours.

The Ferris Wheel Carousel Fountain Pen

The Carousel Fountain Pen comes in six different colour options. This is a great starter pen if you are starting to get into the world of fountain pens. Lightweight with a custom-ground steel nib and available in fine and medium weights, each carousel fountain pen comes with an ink converter, ready to be filled with your favourite fountain pen ink.

Rollerball pens are also available

For everyday writing, the Roundabout Rollerball Pen combines the convenience and comfortable feel of a ballpoint pen with the flexibility of an ink converter. Allowing you to fill your pen with your favourite colour of ink. Using ink with glitter in the rollerball pen is not recommended, as it could clog the tip. A converter comes loaded in the pen.

High-quality ink in your favourite colour

Ferris Wheel Press has a stunning collection of fountain pen inks in various colours, finishes, and sizes. Known for its stunning packaging, the 85ml bottle of ink is a beautiful globe that looks beautiful on display.

With the latest FerriTales that comes with the same beautiful globe 85ml bottle but in a 20ml, the collection lets you explore with your mind and heart wide open. These fountain pen inks are water-based, evenly toned, rich and saturated.

Also available in 38ml bottles and 5ml sample bottles that come in packs of three, write in a range of hues, from classics like brown, blue, and black, to pastel shades and rich jewel tones; a great pen needs great ink.

Accessories that enhance the writing process

Ferris Wheel Press also has a selection of paper products. Including notebooks and sketchbooks. Blesket Canada has the Always Right Feather Notebook and the sketchbook in stock in various colours and cover options. Check out our full range of Ferris Wheel Press writing supplies and accessories, and enjoy a beautiful celebration of design and functionality.