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Visconti pens Canada

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Visconti pens are made from only the most precious materials combined with the most sophisticated and advanced technology.

Since the 1988, the Visconti brought the writing industry back to Florence after an oblivion period over the years and it has turned Florentine and Italian craftsmanship into an icon of its products accompanied its fundamental values: Italian Design & Creativity, Craftsmanship, Quality, Luxury. Check Visconti Canada Online.

Visconti fountain pens express personality and elegance on every occasion.

Visconti collections are born from the creativity and experience of designers and master craftsmen who are inspired by art, nature and history to create pens with great personality and timeless charm.

The Visconti fountain pen is filled with ink from an outside source and this supply constantly feeds its nib or writing tip. For a very long time, man was trying to create a pen that would require no sharpening and would feed itself. Then in the nineteenth century the first fountain pen was invented. This pen required no ink bottles for dipping but worked as well as a dipping pen did. Thus the Visconti fountain pens came into existence.

Visconti Canada pens are said to be true pieces of art showing off their various features which add value to these writing instruments. Some of the higher end pieces have gold nibs. Some of them are even coated with several layers of lacquer and  look very sleek as a result. You can choose a Visconti fountain pen from the several colours available depending on your tastes. But if you are looking for a sturdy fountain pen rather than one with the best of looks you might find some that are made of hard metal like rhodium.

Visconti Van Gogh Fountain Pens are made of Resin with a steel nib, each inspired by a Van Gogh painting.

The Visconti Homo Sapiens pen is handmade from hardened basaltic lava sourced from the Mount Etna volcano in Italy, with a trim made of solid bronze.