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Finding the Best Fountain Pen for You

January 31, 2023 4 min read

The Best Fountain Pen for You

Finding the best fountain pen for you

Fountain pen users know that a quality fountain pen can improve their writing experience and handwriting. Writing instruments are an important part of writing. For students, writers, and working professionals, a reliable pen or pencil is vital, even in the age of computers. Ballpoint pens and rollerball pens both have their uses. However, nothing beats the smooth writing experience of a quality fountain pen. Quality does not need to come with a steep price tag. There is a filling system, nib size, and fountain pen for everyone. From special editions to an everyday workhorse pen, if you need clarification on what your first fountain pen or your next fountain pen should be, read on for our suggestions.

Why fountain pens?

Fountain pens are an economical and environmental choice. While single-use fountain pens exist, the majority of fountain pens use either an ink cartridge or fountain pen ink from a bottle. A bottle of fountain pen ink can last years even if you are using your fountain pen to write. An empty cartridge goes in the recycling and is less plastic or metal than a regular disposable pen.

Fountain pens also require less pressure to flow ink than rollerball or ballpoint pens. This is because the ink in fountain pens is more liquid and water-based, not oil-based. Making it flow easier with less pressure. With fountain pens, too much pressure can actually break your nib. Your hand will not tire out as easily, as there will be less pressure on your hand while writing. Using a fountain pen to write smooth lines feels almost like gliding and does not require you to indent the page with force.

Fountain pens are also more customizable than regular pens. While you can buy beautiful ballpoint pens, fountain pens can be used with different ink colours and nib sizes, allowing you ease of creativity.

There are many options

If you are into plastic pens, metal pens, black ink, bright purple ink, fine nib, medium nib, ink that glitters, or glossy ink, several fountain pens exist that will be ideal for your writing style. Whether you prefer the weight and balance of a metal pen, stylish gold nibs, or the practicality of an ink converter, there is a pen for you.

The best fountain pens for:

A well-balanced pen and high-quality paper will make your writing feel smooth and special. What makes a great pen varies from person to person and can depend on what you are using the pen for. Below we have created a list of recommended pens based on several different factors. However, what counts as the best fountain pen or the best filling system, will differ from person to person.


Kaweco STUDENT fountain pens are a personal favourite among fans of a classic, vintage pen look. Inspired by various decades, Kaweco STUDENT fountain pens come in various appealing colour combinations and are a favourite for students and writers for their size and smooth nibs. Also known as the University Pen, each pen comes with a Kaweco ink cartridge but can also be filled using a Kaweco converter.

The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen is a great affordable fountain pen that feels steady in hand and smooth on paper. Made using only premium materials, this pen is also great for beginners because it is lightweight. Each Pilot Metropolitan comes in various colours and has a converter and an ink cartridge.


Kaweco Sport fountain pens are the perfect pocket pen when you're on the go. Ideal for anyone writing on the fly, in coffee shops, and those who carry a pen with them wherever they go. When posted (the cap placed on the end of the pen), the Kaweco Sport transforms from a small pocket pen to the size of an average fountain pen, making it easy to store and easy to use.


Lamy Safari fountain pensare among the most popular pens for beginners and daily fountain pen users. Coming in a wide range of fun colours, Lamy also releases year special edition colours. The Lamy Safari pens are great for left-handed writers because the nibs on the Lamy Safari are interchangeable. Lamy makes a nib specifically designed for left-handed writers and nibs in various nib sizes, from an extra fine nib to bold.


Pilot pens' Metropolitan fountain pen and the Lamy Safariare both great beginner fountain pens.

In terms of affordability, the Platinum Preppy fountain pens are great pens for both quality and price. The stainless steel nib has three options: extra fine, fine, and medium. If you are looking for something to spice up your writing routine, or you are curious if a fountain pen may be a good fit, the Platinum Preppy is recommended. The Preppy features a smooth writing experience, Platinum's famous "Slip & Seal Mechanism," which prevents ink from drying out in the pen's nib. However, plastic pens are easy to refill and can be used for years if taken care of. The Preppy is compatible with Platinum brand ink cartridges only, which come in a variety of colours.

The fountain pen world grows every day.

With limited edition pens being released constantly in stunning colours, nib sizes, and sizes, there will always be great pens available for the avid collector. With various nib sizes and options to choose from, other pens tend to feel less special after you have developed an attachment to a fountain pen. Unlike most pens that come with black, blue or red ink options, fountain pen inks come in a huge selection of finishes and colours.

Find your next favourite fountain pen at Blesket

Blesket Canada has various fountain pen options, including some of the most popular fountain pens available. Blesket has the refill, brand, ink and nib you are looking for. From extra fine nib options to a stainless steel medium nib, or a gold-plated nib, Blesket has a fine fountain pen that will suit how you write.

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