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Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Betta Fountain Pen 14k Flex Gold


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Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Betta Fountain Pen 14k flex Gold is available in Flex nib only.

Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Betta offers the same reliable construction and design in a lighter-weight, smaller size than the Grande.

This size is ideal for daily writing–especially for those with smaller features or who find smaller grips more comfortable. These fountain pens took a full year in design to ensure that the piston, rolling clip, and diamond cut band for the Masterpiece Delgado series was just right. 

The first introduction from the Masterpiece Delgado Creature collection goes to the flashy, bright BETTA. BETTA shimmers and flows like the stunning fish from which it is named after. Glistening deep blue is complimented by stark black and bright yellow, giving this pen a scaled effect. Penlux knows how important individuality is to each person, and these pens designs are one-of-a-kind so your pen will be identifiably, and uniquely, yours.

  • Made from high grade PMMA material
  • Nib: 14kt gold nib
  • Piston filling system
  • Also available with 18K Gold nib
  • Pen size: 5.63” length x 0.62” diameter
  • Provided in a Gift box