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Barock Fountain Pen Ink


The Barock collection features a reintroduction of the classic brand's fountain pen inks, which have been a staple among writers in the former GDR for many years.

Features: Beautiful shades, Dries fast, does not bleed through.

  • Anthrazit - The elegant, deep gray takes on the role of classic black in this collection.
  • Kaviar - The smoky violet provides an extravagant typeface
  • Marine - The classic ink color - A serious blue, sophisticatedly rounded off with a subtle sheen.
  • Jade - Named after the blue-green gemstone, this turquoise-colored noble ink shines with its light sheen.
  • Bordeaux - Our fountain pen ink in glamorous wine red brings a velvety touch of luxury to paper.
  • Umbra - The warm brown writing ink with a natural, woody character.

Made in Dresden, Germany.