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Hobonichi Stencil - One Piece Magazine

This convenient stencil lets you quickly draw marks and illustrations by tracing them along the holes. Stencils originally are tools used to draw accurate diagrams when drafting. Just trace them, and you can neatly draw symbols, lines, and marks in the same shapes.

This stencil is designed in collaboration with ONE PIECE magazine, a magazine to enjoy the world of the One Piece manga. “DON!!,” Log Pose, meat, straw hat, berry marks, and other familiar motifs from One Piece can be drawn effortlessly. You can also use it as a ruler that measures up to ten centimeters, with the silhouettes of the ten members of the Straw Hat Crew on the ruler scale.

The card-shaped stencil is thin enough to fit in the pocket of the techo cover. Don’t forget to use it with the ONE PIECE magazine collaboration techo!