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Hobonichi Techo Cover - A6 - Keiko Shibata - Bread floating in the wind

Keiko Shibata's stunning artwork now graces the cover of Hobonichi Techo. Titled "Bread floating in the wind", this piece was created in 2022 and features black, yellow, and red cats riding on flying bread. The cats' legs and tails are lifted by the wind, adding motion to the artwork. Every detail, from the cats' expressions to the texture of the bread, is printed on a textured polyester fabric, perfectly capturing the warm touch of the pastel drawing. The cover also showcases a beautiful sky with a mix of light blue, white, and yellow, and the inner pockets and bookmarks are inspired by the color of bread. The soft synthetic leather finish adds a luxurious touch, with Keiko Shibata's autograph printed on the left pocket. We invite you to take a closer look and admire the intricate details of this enchanting cover.

**Cover Only - Planner and accessories sold separately.