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Kaweco Ebonit Sport Fountain Pen Set - 140th Anniversary Edition


For 140 years, Kaweco has been faithfully writing history. This brand values passion, love, and excellent quality when creating writing instruments that can be cherished forever.

The Sport model design is a tribute to the Kaweco legacy, taking inspiration from products made over a hundred years ago.

This special edition features an ebonite body, a natural rubber and sulphur combination that gives a beautiful marbling and polished surface popular in the 1800s. As the body contains sulphur, its color will develop a unique patina over time. If you'd prefer the original finish, a simple polish will restore it to its original beauty. Adorned with a gold-plated steel nib and Kaweco's signature logo engraved on the cap, using this pen will be a luxurious pleasure. 

Including in the package:

  • Fountain pen
  • 10 packs ink cartridges in various colours
  • A Nostalgic Clip Gold plated
  • Warranty Card
  • 11.2g
  • A Vintage-inspired Gift box 

 Made in Germany

The pen will develop a unique patina over time due to the sulphur, making it a collector's item. An easy polish can restore it to its original condition.