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Kaweco Ink Cartridges 10 pack assorted colours

Looking for the perfect ink color for your Kaweco fountain pen? Look no further than the 10 pack assorted colors of ink cartridges. With a wide range of options, you'll never have to compromise on choosing the right ink for your writing instrument.

The 10 pack of Kaweco Ink Cartridges consists of royal blue, pearl black, ruby ​​red, palm green, paradise blue, sunny orange, midnight blue, summer purple, caramel brown, and smoky gray.These bright and soft colors provide a wide range of options for expressive writing and can create contrast or calmness depending on the writer's preference. This allows for personalized and versatile use of the writing instrument.

For a clean and efficient color change, we suggest using cleaning syringe to prevent color contamination in the ink cartridges. This tool allows for precise and thorough cleaning of the pen.