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Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy Set - Blue

The origins of the word calligraphy can be traced back to the Greek words "kallos" and "graphien", which mean "pretty" and "carve, engrave, write" respectively. This term suggests the act of creating visually appealing and expressive written text. For those interested in trying this art form, Kaweco offers a beginner-friendly set. The Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy Set includes a complete fountain pen with a 1.1 mm broad nib, as well as two interchangeable front parts for 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm nib sizes. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Perkeo series, the pen offers a comfortable grip and allows for precise, detailed writing.

Additionally, the set includes three original Kaweco Ink Cartridges in the colour Pearl Black.

Our Kaweco Standard Converters, as well as our colourful ink range are suitable supplements for a perfect calligraphy writing experience.


40 cm - Opened