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Kaweco Sport Piston AL Solo Black Fountain Pen


The Kaweco Sport piston fountain pen is available as a starter set for ready-to-use use with a 32ml ink bottle in the color royal blue or as a pure writing instrument without additional ink.

The Kaweco Sport Piston AL Solo Black Fountain Pen features a unique and compact design that makes it smaller than other pens, allowing for a greater ink filling volume in relation to its overall size. Measuring just 10.5 cm when closed, this classic pocket fountain pen extends to a standard 13 cm when the cap is removed. Its diminutive size makes it a convenient choice for on-the-go writing, without sacrificing quality or comfort.

The ink level can be viewed at all times via the transparent ink window. If the ink is used up, the piston fountain pen can be refilled quickly and easily thanks to the particularly smooth filling mechanism.

The durable matt anodized aluminum housing provides a high-quality feel to the pen, while the perfect balance of weight and diameter prevents hand fatigue during long writing sessions. The addition of golden decorative elements adds a touch of elegant style, combining traditional filling methods with modern functionality.

Weight: 22g

Full length Closed:10.5cm

Material: Aluminum

Colour: Black/Gold