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Monteverde USA Ritma Special Annual Collectible Edition 2024 Fountain Pen - Espresso


The Ritma collection is inspired by the simplistic trend of the 1960's and 70's, featuring sleek lines, uncomplicated designs, and vibrant color schemes. Expertly crafted with a combination of steel and aluminum, the Ritma boasts a flawless design from its magnetic cap to the back post, making it a perfect choice for those who desire a well-balanced and sturdy pen. Each aluminum barrel is anodized in a range of metallic hues and treated with a matte finish, adding a touch of muted vibrancy that is both smooth to the touch and enhanced by polished gunmetal accents.

The clip is designed to complement the clean lines of the pen, with an elongated oval shape for easy use. A standout feature of this minimalist pen is its magnetic cap and posting, which creates a secure seal. Simply pull gently to enjoy the satisfying pop of the seal opening, then post it to the back for an equally secure magnetic seal. To reveal the ballpoint tip, twist the gunmetal

Each Ritma pen is housed in a newly designed slim gift box.

  • Converter included
  • Standard cartridge included
  • Provided in a Gift Box