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Monteverde USA Ritma Ballpoint Pen - Espresso

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The Ritma collection takes inspiration from the minimalist movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, featuring clean lines, simple designs, and vibrant colors. Crafted from a combination of steel and aluminum, the Ritma™ boasts a sleek design with a magnetic cap that seamlessly connects to the back post, creating a well-balanced and substantial pen for the user. The anodized aluminum barrel comes in a variety of metallic colors with a matte finish, providing a soft yet eye-catching touch, while the gunmetal accents add a touch of elegance. The clip is designed to match the clean lines of the pen, with a unique elongated oval cut for easy use. A standout feature of this minimalist pen is the magnetic cap and posting, creating a secure seal that can be easily opened and closed with a gentle pull and a satisfying pop. To reveal the ballpoint tip, twist the gunmetal grip area counterclockwise. 
Each Ritma pen is housed in a newly designed slim gift box.