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Mountains of the World Ballpoint Pens - Mount Vesuvio

The Mountains of the World ballpoint pen series from Monteverde showcases some of the most renowned and remarkable natural landmarks across the globe. Each pen strives to capture the unparalleled splendor and historical significance of these mountains. Mount Vesuvius (known as Vesuvio in Italian) gained infamy for its destruction of Pompeii in AD79, but its potential for devastation remains present as the only active volcano in Europe to have erupted in the last century and is believed to be overdue for another eruption. The barrel is skillfully made from acrylic resin in a striking blend of vibrant lava-orange, deep molten brown, and ashy grey. The sleek pen features polished chrome accents and a pocket clip, as well as an intricately engraved grip ring. It operates through a smooth, twist-retract mechanism and is compatible with widely available 'Parker-style' refills. Each set comes in an elegant gift box.