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Octopus Fluids - Document-Proof Ink 30ml

Dark Blue

The Octopus Fluids Document Inks are permanent pen inkswhich have been specially developed for professional use in the office, especially for signing under official documents and certificates.

Octopus Fluids Document-Proof Ink30ml is the go-to product for notaries, judges, architects, and public sector employees who require a superior writing experience. Our advanced formula meets the DIN ISO standard 12757-2, providing waterproof, lightfast, smudge-resistant, and non-erasable qualities, as well as resistance to ethanol, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, bleach, and other chemicals. This powerful ink is created with the finest pigments to produce a bold, professional typeface. Unlike the Octopus Write and Draw Inks, our document ink contains less binder, allowing for optimal ink flow and easy cleaning of fountain pens. However, it is still recommended to avoid drying in the pen and to thoroughly clean it before extended periods of non-use.

The Octopus document inks are pigmented, non-labelled and vegan, and with 9 different colours offer a wide choice to add a creative touch to your everyday writing.

Made in Germany.