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Octopus Fluids - Sheening 30mL Fountain Pen Inks

Sea Serpent

Octopus Fluids presents their collection of water-based dye-based fountain pen inks, featuring a unique sheen effect that adds a shine of a different color to your writing. This is achieved through a high concentration of dye, setting these sheening inks apart from others on the market. While not a new concept, compared to other brands, Octopus Fluids offers a wider range of colors, a higher sheen level, and decreased smudging. To further enhance the sheen effect, some of these inks contain glitter pigments, but caution should be exercised as they can accumulate in the ink fountain and cause writing issues.

Achieving the sheen effect depends greatly on the type of paper and ink flow used with the fountain pen. To enhance the sheen, it is recommended to use a fountain pen with generous ink flow and/or a wide nib. Glass nibs or calligraphy nibs also yield excellent results. However, on uncoated paper, particularly rough copy paper, the sheen effect may not be achievable as the dye can penetrate too deeply into the paper fibers, leaving only the base color of the ink visible. To fully experience the sheen, we suggest using high-quality, smooth, coated writing paper. Fortunately, there are now several options available in the stationery market that are specifically designed for use with fountain pens, such as Oxford and Clairfontaine college pads and notebooks. For even greater glossiness in drawings, consider using marker or manga paper.

Octopus Fluids sheen inks should be shaken before use to ensure the high dye saturation doesn't cause solids to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Compared to traditional dye inks, these sheen inks have a longer drying time and are more prone to smudging, even when completely dry and in contact with wet hands. However, we have carefully optimized these parameters in developing Octopus Fluids sheen inks, resulting in a shorter drying time and minimal smudging. These inks can also be left in the pen for extended periods without drying out, only requiring the nib to be moistened after prolonged use.

Available in 12 colours :

  • Unicorn - Sky blue / Pink
  • Medusa - Purple / Green
  • Sea Serpent - Indigo Blue/ Copper
  • Pheonix - Orange / Gold
  • Dragon - Teal / Pink
  • Goblin - Green / Violet
  • Fairy - Magenta / Golden Sheen
  • Mermaid - Turquoise / Pink Sheen
  • Witch - Pine Green / Purple Sheen
  • Cerberus - Night Blue / Copper Sheen
  • Djinn - Violet / Bronze Sheen
  • Gryphon - Red / Green sheen
  • Witch - Pine Green / Purple Sheen
  • 30mL
  • Made in Germany

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