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Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen Kanreki - Limited Edition 2023

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Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen Limited Edition Kanreki 2023: A Pen That Celebrates Life and Renewal

Kanreki (還暦) is a Japanese event that celebrates 60 years of life and signifies a new beginning. This commemorative period is based on an old lunar calendar and symbolizes a cycle coming full circle. Red is the color traditionally associated with protection and is worn to celebrate the momentous occasion. Pilot's Vanishing Point Fountain Pen Kareki - Limited Edition 2023 perfectly captures this significant milestone.

This exclusive pen is limited to only 2023 pieces worldwide, each one numbered accordingly. Glossy red with a matt black trims.

  • Each pen is numbered x/2023
  • Retractable nib with a simple click
  • 18k gold rhodium-plated black Medium nib only
  • Length - 5.5"
  • Weight - 30g
  • Refillable with cartridge or converter-40 (included)
  • Comes in a unique matte black and red gift box
  • Includes an 18-page 60th Anniversary booklet
  • Made in Japan