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Pilot Capless Vanishing Point Splash Fountain Pen - Blue


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The Pilot Capless Vanishing Point Splash Blue Fountain Pen represents brilliant design and ingenious technology. The exceptional craftsmanship of the fountain pen barrel contains a mechanism of rare precision which allows the 18k gold nib to retract into the barrel when not in use. The pen features a carbonesque blue barrel and rhodium accents in addition with a 18k gold nib. The Pilot Capless Vanishing Point Fountain Pen is the perfect combination of luxury and technology.

The carbonesque blue barrel and rhodium accents are just the beginning - this pen features exceptional craftsmanship, including a unique retractable nib mechanism that ensures rare precision.

Pilot Capless accepts Pilot ink cartridges or Pilot CON-40 converter (included with the pen). A metal cartridge cap is also included for use with the ink cartridge.

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and technology with the Pilot Capless Splash Fountain Pen.