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Pilot V Whiteboard Master S with Eraser Marker


At just 6.8mm, the Pilot V Board Master S offers a great size and grip for school children. With its quick-drying ink and convenient eraser on the cap, it's the perfect tool for learning. With four vivid and vibrant colors, it can bring ideas to life. Pilot even goes the extra mile- their Begreen V Board Master S pen uses recycled plastic, resulting in a -69%** reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to using 3 new pens. With just a small gesture, you can make a big difference in our fight against climate change!

  • Pen with cap.
  • Made with 72% of recycled plastic (excluding consumables), to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Refillable product more economical and respectful of the environment.
  • Erasable ink specific for whiteboards. Easy to erase, ink disappears without a trace.
  • Refillable : Yes
  • Tip size in mm : 3.50 mm
  • Writing width : 0.80 mm