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Platinum CURIDAS Fountain Pen Gift Set - Graphite Smoke


The Platinum CURIDAS Fountain Pen Gift Set - Graphite Smoke is an ideal choice for busy professionals. It features a unique retractable nib that allows for quick notes without the hassle of a cap. The nib pocket is airtight, keeping the nib from drying out for a smooth, consistent writing experience.

With the CURIDAS, stay curious and productive. The nib pocket, which is highly sealed and made of soft material, ensures an airtight seal that prevents the nib from drying out and provides smooth writing. Its size is minimized to keep the nib moist.

The slim and elongated nib offers better control over the pen tip when writing. The well-designed clip, which is not intrusive, can be removed upon request. Highlighting a complex inner mechanism, the clear resin used for the body showcases the beauty of this retractable fountain pen.

Presented in a luxurious gift box.