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Platinum Vicoh Kanazawa Cherry Blossom 18kt F

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The Platinum Vicoh Kanazawa Cherry Blossom 18kt F is meticulously crafted for comfort, resilience, and ease of writing, providing a luxurious writing experience that will last for years.

 Platinum is a highly esteemed company in Japan, renowned for its luxurious writing instruments. The precision of modern manufacturing meets traditional Japanese craftsmanship, combining top-of-the-line materials with inspired artwork. This exclusive line from Platinum is produced using the Maki-e method, which involves screen printing a base design over black lacquer, then painstakingly hand-painting and hand-polishing each item. The raised design offers texture and dimension to create a masterpiece. Every fountain pen within this range is expertly finished by hand with meticulous attention to detail.


  • 18k gold nib Fine
  • AS Resin body
  • A blue black in cartridge
  • Gift box.
  • Weight : 16gms

Can be used with a Platinum Converter (included)

Enclosed in a Gift Box.