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Platinum Vicoh Kanazawa Golden Leaf Goldfish 18kt M

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The Platinum Vicoh Kanazawa Golden Leaf Goldfish fountain pens are made with a silk screen printing process on a resin body and then hand finished with Maki-e craftsman.

Each pen has hand painted accents of Gold Fish that is slightly raised on the surface and enhances the depth and texture. Pens feature traditional Japanese motifs. Kanazawa Leaf Craftwork is used to decorate and finish the pen body. These handcrafted pens are designed to reflect the attention to detail and artistry of traditional Japanese lacquerwork, making them perfect for gifting or collecting.


  • 18k gold nib Medium
  • AS Resin body
  • A blue black in cartridge
  • Gift box.
  • Weight : 16gms

Can be used with a Platinum Converter (sold separately).

Enclosed in a Gift Box.