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Van Dieman's Ink - Elizabeth 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

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In the annals of Hollywood's golden age, few stars shone as brightly as Elizabeth Taylor. With a career that spanned decades, she was not just an actress but an icon, a symbol of timeless beauty and elegance. Among her many captivating features, her violet eyes stood out and are the inspiration for "Elizabeth", our tribute in fountain pen ink to this cinematic legend. This beautiful purple shading ink is a testament to her enduring charm. While we once celebrated her with "Elizabeth's Violet Eyes", this new creation, "Elizabeth", is a reincarnation - familiar yet distinctly unique, crafted with a completely revamped formula and recipe.

This ink flows with a grace reminiscent of Taylor's on-screen presence, effortlessly laying down a slightly lighter, yet more vibrant shade of purple. The improved shading quality of this ink mirrors the depth and complexity of its namesake, transitioning smoothly from a soft lilac to a rich plum.

30ml Fountain Pen Ink Bottle.