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Wearingeul Hades (World Myth : Greek & Roman) 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

WEARINGEUL features an extensive collection of authors and their literary masterpieces, showcased in their revolutionary fountain pen inks. The ink boasts a captivating ocean blue hue with a striking red sheen, complemented by subtle undertones of violet and navy.

Hades is an ink inspired by the god Hades, who governs death, it embodies restrained beauty with deep black reminiscent of the underworld. Enhanced by a frozen blue glitter, it exudes an ethereal elegance, capturing the essence of the afterlife.

This ink comes in a smartly packaged square bottle containing 30ml of glistening ink.

Made in Korea.

Shake ink before filling and gently roll pen to maintain shimmer and prevent clogging. Clean and maintain pen consistently while using this ink.