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Wearingeul Heimdall (World Myth Ink - Northern Europe) 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

Wearingeul - The color of literature' is the project expressing the stories and impressions of literature works with colors. Wearingeul inks illustrate the specific scenes or the atmosphere of novels and poems.  Also, some sets represent the main concept of the original stories, giving unique experience following itinerary of the characters in the stories.

Heimdall is the God of Light in Norse Mythology. Heimdall ink is an ink that transitions naturally from bright yellow color, like the sun, to orange, and when applied generously, it can even display reddish hue. The ink has a wide color range. 

This 30ml bottle of ink comes in a contemporary, square design, and is made in South Korea.

Give your pen a shake and a roll! To keep particles at bay and your sparkle consistent, make sure to shake up the ink before filling your pen. Don't forget to clean it regularly when using this ink to keep any clogs outta sight!