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Blesket has all of your stationery needs covered. Located in Brampton, Ontario, Blesket's online store is a one-stop shop for gift-giving and stocking up on stationery essentials. From Birthday gifts to Christmas gifts to everyday needs, Blesket has got you covered.

Stock up on fountain pens and accessories

With a wide range of fountain pens, ranging from entry-level to collector and limited edition, fountain pens are a great way to customize your writing experience. Coming in a rainbow of colours, give life to your words on the page. Complete your collection with a specific pen, or collect your favourite gorgeous colours and finishes.

Limited edition fountain pens

Create your dream collection with limited-edition pens. Brands tend to release limited edition pens throughout the year, and are always unique in style.

Fountain pen ink

While some fountain pen companies create their inks, you can only stay within the brand's ink options. Ink cartridges and fountain pen adaptors can help make your fountain pens a great alternative to non-refillable ballpoint or rollerball pens. Even with consistent use, a bottle of fountain pen ink can last years. Making fountain pens the ideal pen for students, chronic list makers, and people who enjoy putting pen to paper.

Quality paper products

Every stationery lover understands the importance of quality paper products. From planners, sketchbooks, and notebooks, there is nothing more satisfying than putting pen to page in a quality notebook. With options for fountain pen-friendly paper, Blesket has a large selection of paper products that will bring joy to any stationery lover.

Notebooks and Journals

Blesket has a wide range of notebooks, journals, and pads. Ranging in a range of colours and cover options. If you like soft or hard covers, Blesket has the perfect selection of notebooks and journals. From blank pages ideal for sketching and drawing to lined notebooks and journals suitable for staying organized,

Pencils and lead holders

If you prefer your notes to be less permanent, a quality mechanical pencil or lead holder is a great way to ensure your course notes are neatly packaged within your notebooks or index cards.

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The modern pen comes in many different forms, some more traditional, some newer, some very expensive, and some not.

Fountain pens and inks

If you are a student or someone who does a lot of writing, a fountain pen might be a good choice because it is refillable, cutting down on waste. Many fountain pens can use either ink from a bottle or pre-filled disposable ink cartridges. While ink comes in various prices, even if used daily, a bottle of ink lasts a very long time. While a high-quality fountain pen can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, there are many entry-level fountain pens that write very well and will not break the bank.

Ballpoint pens

Ballpoint pens use oil-based ink, making the writing lighter than rollerball pens but much more deliberate. Ballpoint pen ink also does not fade to the same point as a roller-ball pen. Some people find ballpoint pens a little scratchy because of the slower delivery of the ink. However, because less ink is used when writing with a ballpoint pen, they tend to last longer than rollerball pens, making them great for jotting down to-do lists or writing quick tests on sticky notes.

Rollerball pens

Rollerball pens use water-based inks, making the writing appear more vibrant and crisp. Depending on the make of the pen, both pens can be refillable. However, they are not interchangeable. Rollerball ink flows more freely than ballpoint ink. Many prefer to use rollerball pens to write greeting cards or pen a short notes. Pens that use water-based inks often are bold on the page and can create thicker, more defined lines.

Gel Pens

Gel ink is a unique ink that is like a combination of ballpoint ink and rollerball ink. It is thicker than rollerball ink, as it is a water-based gel. Gel pens also come in a huge range of colours because gel ink uses pigment instead of dye. For many students who take a lot of notes, gel pens are popular as you can colour-code your notes with them. If you are looking for one kind of pen that can come in a range of different colours, a gel pen might be exactly what you are looking for.