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Sailor 1911 Maki-e Tsuru fountain pen 14kt M

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Sailor 1911 Maki-e Tsuru with 14k Medium gold nib.

The Sailor 1911 range was made to maintain the standards of quality and craftsmanship that had made Sailor so well respected from their beginnings. The rounded ends give the 1911 a more classic 'cigar' shape than the Pro Gear range, for those who prefer a more traditional look.

Traditional Japanese art - created to embody the harmony of man with nature. The MAKI-E process was introduced to Japan in the Asuka period and was established as a traditional art form by the noble society. MAKI-E combines intricate lacquer painting with a variety of surface decorations, traditionally including powdered gold, precious metals, gemstones, mother of pearl etc.

The Maki-e collection involves ancient Japanese decorative techniques that in some cases take a lifetime to master. The Tsuru ('crane' in Japanese) is a striking representation using gold and silver on a black resin barrel. 

  • 14k Gold w/24k Gold plating
  • The pen weighs approx. 17g
  • Two Sailor proprietary ink cartridges and a converter included.
  • Packaged in a  natural wood gift box with a blue velvety lining.