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Visconti Homosapiens Bronze Age Traveller with ink well


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Visconti Homosapiens Bronze Age Traveller with ink well comes as a set with a travel ink well.

The Homo Sapiens 'Travel Edition' writing set includes Visconti's iconic Homo Sapiens Bronze Age fountain pen, which has been uniquely modified with the addition of a solid bronze blind cap, packaged with a matching Homo Sapiens travelling inkwell. Both the pen and inkwell are hand-crafted from Mt. Etna lava rock and completed with solid bronze trims.

Highly collectable and limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

This limited edition fountain pen offers all the benefits of the original Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age, but also adds an element of surprise with a solid bronze blind cap. 

The Homo Sapiens is handmade from hardened basaltic lava sourced from the Mount Etna volcano in Italy, with a trim made of solid bronze. Visconti lava is virtually unbreakable, comfortable and warm to the touch - and slightly hygroscopic, absorbing moisture from your hand. The basaltic lava is mixed with resin to create this pen.

  • Colour: Bronze Age
  • Material: Volcanic Lava (Bronze)
  • Body: Over Size
  • Nib Point: F, M, B, EF, S
  • Filling: Power Filler
  • Closure has Hook Safe lock
  • Nib: 18kt (large) Rose Gold
  • Provided in a Gift Box