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The Best Fountain Pens for Every Budget

June 15, 2023 3 min read

The Best Fountain Pens for Every Budget, Blesket Canada

Fountain pens continue to be popular with writers, stationery lovers, and pen enthusiasts. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose which pen(s) are right for you. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the fountain pen world, there's a fountain pen out there for every budget. Here's a breakdown of some of the best, and most popular fountain pens at different price points on the market.

Budget-friendly options

For beginners and those with a tight budget,the Platinum Preppy fountain pen is a great first fountain pen. The Preppy comes in a range of fun colours with one ink cartridge in the pen. This pen is a great one for students and anyone wanting to experiment with different ink colours or nib thicknesses. Although they are not expensive, they are not disposable pens, and the Preppy uses Platinum’sDyestuff ink cartridges, which are filled with water-based ink. 

If you're willing to invest a bit more, theLamy Safari is a popular choice among fountain pen enthusiasts. This pen comes in a range of colours, and nib sizes from EF to B, with a nib option for lefties. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold, and its nib provides a smooth and consistent writing experience. All Safari pens come with one ink cartridge in LAMY T 10 blue. Lamy pens do not use universal cartridges or converters. If you want to use bottled ink, Lamy pens will only take Lamyconverters andink cartridges.

Medium-priced fountain pens

Ferris Wheel Press is known for its range of stunninginks and fountain pens in a wide range of colours. The Carousel Fountain Pen is no exception. A lightweight plastic body paired with a custom-ground steel nib creates a smooth writing experience, and a converter makes this pen ready to be filled with any colour ink you could imagine. Coming in a wide range of colours, including two limited edition colours for 2023,Malibu Blush andTumultuous Tides. If you are looking for a bright, colourful pen, Ferris Wheel Press has a colo. Ifor you.

For those with a higher budget, theTWSBI Eco is a great choice. At under $50, this piston-filling fountain pen is easy to clean and maintain. Its clear barrel allows you to see the ink level, adding to the pen's appeal.

Higher-end fountain pens

Sailor pens are known for their incredible nibs, and their Pro Gear line is no exception. With options for 14K and 21K gold nibs, these pens come in a range of prices. Sailor frequently releases limited edition and geographically exclusive pens, such as theEvery Rose has its Thornpen with 21K rose gold and theLucky Charm 14K Pro Gear Slim pen, both North American exclusives. 

If you are looking for a pen with a history of excellence, ThePilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen is another fountain pen with a lightweight design and classic look and feel. Coming with a 14K nib, this pen comes with a converter and one black ink cartridge. 

Another modern take on a classic, but at a higher price point is thePelikan Souverän® 800 Green Demonstrator. Coming in a bright green apple this special edition pen is a spin off from the classic 1992 Demonstrator, with several new details making it a must for Pelikan collectors. Finished in 24 and 18K gold, the Sourerän series fountain pens are special. 

Blesket Canada has a fountain pen for every budget

No matter your budget, there's a fountain pen out there for you. The best fountain pen for you depends on personal preferences, such as nib size, design, and weight. Price is not the only deciding factor. If you are new to fountain pens, then starting with a simple, less expensive option is a great, affordable way to start learning about fountain pens. 

If you want to learn more about fountain pens,let us know! Blesket Canada offers a range of fountain pens available online and in-store. 

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