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Bullet Space Pen

Color: Brushed Chrome

Bullet Space Pen - For use on Earth and Galaxies far far away.

Writes upside down, under water, freezing cold, boiling heat, carbonless paper, latex gloves.

Bullet Space Pen (Chrome) was the very first pen to be created by Paul C. Fisher in 1948. Fisher worked at an airplane propeller factory during WWII and applied the knowledge he gleaned about ball bearings to his very first ballpoint pen.

The Bullet measures 95 mm in length but extends once the cap is slid on the end of the pens. The Bullet line of pens feel incredible in your palm and features the proprietary pressurized Fisher Space Pen ink refill (SPR).

    • Weight: 19gms
    • Operating Range : -
  • 35˚C  to 121˚C
  • Opened: 5.25"
  • Closed: 3.75"
  • Comes in a Gift Box
  • Refill: Pressurized 35PSI