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Diplomat Esteem Fountain Pen

Black Lacquer
Lapis Black (Matte)
Lapis Blue (Matte)
Matte Chrome

Diplomat Esteem Fountain Pen comes in an aluminum box with the Diplomat logo on the top of the lid in black. There is a raw finish on the aluminum sleeve that slides off. You can see it's a U-shaped design, and it has a cardboard box underneath. There is also a cardboard sleeve on the top with the Diplomat logo. Underneath the pen is a false bottom with a soft bed. You can see the Diplomat logos on that bed. And that lifts off, and there's just information, a warranty and information about the pen.

• All-metal casing
• Polished chrome fittings
• Easy-grip, satin-smooth, extremely long-wearing coating
• Fountain pen with finely, polished stainless steel nib

Available in Black lacquer, Black Matt/, Red Matt, Blue Matt, Chrome finish