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Esterbrook Paradise JR Key West Lime and Purple Passion

Key Lime
Purple Passion

Esterbrook Paradise JR Key West Lime and Purple Passion are the new additions to the Paradise Collection. These two pens feature a contrasting finial on each for a subtle pop of color (Key Lime has a purple finial, and the reverse for Purple Passion).

The JR models are inspired by the classic 1940's Esterbrook silhouette but updated for modern tastes.  JR is an everyday pen with some character and a great balance when posted. The acrylic blends, for instance, holds a lot of personality, seamlessly blending complementary tonal hues to give it a bit of life with every turn of the pen.

As with other JR models, Jowo nibs are used, ranging in EF to Stub 1.1.

More details: 

  • Gold plated logo medallion at the top, clip, ring and nib 
  • Dimensions 
    • Capped 13cm 
    • Posted 15.5 cm 
    • Unposted 12 cm 
  • Material – turned acrylic with high polishing 
  • Cartridge and converter fill
  • Turned pearlescent acrylic with accented finial
  • Cap can be posted for true balance
  • Jowo gold plated nib – EF, F, M, B & Stub 1.1 (custom sizes as well)