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Visconti Homosapiens Bronze Age Fountain Pen 18kt


Visconti Homosapiens Bronze Age Fountain Pen 18kt Rose Gold Nib is one of the iconic Fountain pen made from Lava. Explosive volcanic eruptions and the obsidian formed from the cooling lava prompted early humans to challenge nature, trying to forge tools to hunt and protect themselves for their own survival.
With the same creative momentum, Visconti gave modern humans a writing instrument crafted from the same primitive volcanic rock. Hence, a great ancient tool that enabled humans to write their history was turned into a real iconic piece with a perfectly balanced design.
A combination of basaltic lava from Mount Etna, catalyzed with nylon resin according to a secret process, generates an unbreakable, hygroscopic, velvet-like compound, achieving a revolutionary result for the world of writing instruments.


  • Colour: Bronze Age
  • Material: Volcanic Lava (Bronze)
  • Body: Over Size
  • Nib Point: F, M, B, EF, Stub
  • Filling: Power Filler
  • Weight: 45gm
  • Closure has Hook Safe lock
  • Nib: 18kt (large) Rose Gold
  • Provided in a Gift Box