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Kakimori Ink Sampler Set II

Kakimori's excellent pigment ink is now available in sample sets.

Sample Set II (featured here) includes Toppuri, Soyo, Zabun, Murkuri, Koton. 

From Kakimori:

Discover the world of Kakimori ink with our sampler set. Perfect for those new to fountain pen inks or those who wish to try a variety of colours. The set is also ideal for gifting.

Use and care: 
  • The ink is pigmented
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • If swallowed, give fluids and seek medical advice. If in contact with the eyes, flush with running water and seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Use the pen regularly to prevent ink from drying on the nib.


  • 5 x 2.7 ml glass bottles
  • Ink manufacturer: Turner Color Works Ltd. 


06 Toppuri - Look closely and you might see the stars in the night sky. Toppuri describes the comforting darkness that arrives after nightfall. A gentle colour that inspires reflection.

07 Soyo -  Soyo is like a breath of fresh air. A colour that evokes the feeling of a pleasant breeze.

08 Zabun -  Zabun is the sound of the deep, blue ocean. Listen for the lapping waves as the ink flows across the paper, awakening precious memories.

09 Mukuri -  Mukuri describes the state of awakening, like a bear emerging from hibernation to the warm red earth. The colour signals the arrival of a new season.

10 Koton - The silence of the night is punctuated by koton, the sound of an ink bottle being placed on the desk. A colour for quiet contemplation.

Made in Japan