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Kaweco Frosted Sport Gel Rollerball Pen - Blush Pitaya

The fine and stylish appearance of the gel roller in the color variation Blush Pitaya, leaves room for relaxation and deceleration. The pink looks gentle and is reminiscent of a dragon fruit in appearance.

The writing instruments of the Frosted Sport series come in fresh, pastel colors and are characterized by a slightly opaque, milky plastic. The series gives the classic Kaweco Sport a completely modern touch. Matching the cool shades, the elements such as logo cap were kept in silver.
Kaweco Sport has been around since 1911. The gel roller for the bag has only a size of 10.5 cm closed and grows with the cap inserted to a normal size of 13 cm.
The invention of the rollerball pen allows a particularly easy and sliding writing. The ink flows uninterruptedly over the ceramic ball onto the paper surface.
We are particularly proud of the exceptionally soft writing feeling of our rollerball system. The pen is completely manufactured and assembled in Germany.