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Kaweco FROSTED SPORT mechanical pencil Natural Coconut 0.7 mm

Kaweco FROSTED SPORT Mechanical Pencil Natural Coconut 0.7 mm is perfect for drawing and sketching ideas.

As the lightest shade in the Frosted colour palette, Natural Coconut is particularly clear and pure - almost a little icy. The colour lives up to the name Frosted. Very minimalist, modern and fresh, the mechanical pencil can be combined with various notebooks, paper and other accessories.

Due to the pressure mechanism of this pencil, the lead always remains precise and is therefore perfectly suited for on the go, as you never have to sharpen it. The wide housing protects the lead from breaking.

A wonderful compact push pencil with high quality push-button mechanism. 0.7 mm polymer lead with and without clip.

Weight : 12g

Made in Germany.