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Kaweco LILIPUT ballpoint pen with stainless steel cap

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Kaweco LILIPUT ballpoint pen with stainless steel cap is robust and elegant.

The Ballpoint looks like a rollerball (with cap) but uses a Ballpoint refill . It comes loaded with a 1.0 blue refill.

The Kaweco Liliput Ballpoint is expandable with the cap to a 12.6mm.

The material is very durable and does not change over time. For the small size, the writing instrument has a considerable weight.

The LILIPUT ballpoint pen with cap is designed in the look of a fountain pen. It fits perfectly in any pocket and grows to a normal size as soon as you screw the cap onto the shaft. So there's an optimal form for writing.

  • 9.7 cm closed
  • 8.7 cm open
  • 12.6 cm with the cap screwed on. 

These different sizes make it the perfect companion.

The material is stainless steel and weighs 22gm.

Provided in a Kaweco Metal Tin packaging.