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Kaweco SKETCH UP Corrector brass 5.6 mm

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Kaweco SETCH UP Corrector brass for unwanted lines. The Kaweco SKETCH UP Corrector is Precise and clean.

With the eraser in the form of a pen, you can erase precisely and accurately. The high quality guarantees an almost residue-free etching. The pleasant weight allows you to optimally control the pressure so that the paper remains undamaged.

Spare erasers are available in a set of 3. Sold separately here

The Sketch Up Corrector can also be used as a mechanical pencil. When switching between graphite leads and eraser cord, its recommend a thorough cleaning. 

Kaweco SKETCH UP clutch pencil 5.6 mm are available in Brass, Satin Chrome, Brilliant  (more shiny than Satin Chrome) and Black. (These are featured separately).

Material: Brass