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Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain Pen


The Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain Pen corresponds to the joy of raw materials. The stainless steel changes little in use, unlike brass, copper or bronze.

The stainless steel of the Kaweco STEEL Sport is available in a noble, brushed look and appears cool, simple and unobtrusively elegant. It is the heaviest model in the Sport series. Due to the high weight of the stainless steel, the writing instrument presses lightly on the paper by itself. This enables you to write for a particularly long and comfortable time.

The writing systems mechanical pencil, fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball are available for the Steel series.

The fountain pen is available in five different nib sizes from extra fine to extra wide. While the extra-fine nib (EF) is particularly suitable for small and fine handwriting, the extra-wide nib (BB) is often used for large, dramatic signatures. 

All springs are made in Germany.

Converter available  (sold separately)

Cartridges available 

Pen Clips   available