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Kaweco Supra FireBlue Fountain Pen


Meet the Kaweco Supra, your new favourite writing tool.

This fountain pen is perfect for everyday use with its clean lines and understated elegance. But that's not all - the Supra is also incredibly versatile. Thanks to its unique design, it can be used either as a pocket pen or a full-size pen by removing a section of the barrel. This makes it perfect for those who are always on the go but still want to write in style.

The body of the Supra is machined from a solid block of stainless steel, which is then heat-treated to produce its brilliant coloured finish. And speaking of colours, have we mentioned that each Kaweco Supra fountain pen has a unique look? The special Fireblue finish is individually torched by hand with a 600-degree flame, creating beautiful blue, purple, silver, copper and yellow colours in a gradated and marbled look.

Ready to take your writing game to the next level? Order your Kaweco Supra today!