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Monteverde Color Changing Ink 30ml - Blue to Neon Yellow

Experience the immersion of writing in Blue that transforms into the vivid brightness of Neon Yellow with one simple step. Or explore eight more options of Color Changing Ink 30ml. With one pen, fill its converter with your chosen ink, and another pen's converter with the Changer. Create a one-of-a-kind message and add vibrancy with the Changer for truly unique results. Possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

The innovative leaders in the world of ink; Monteverde USA is proud to introduce the Color Changing Ink Series. A series of colors that transform with the addition of the Color Changing Solution.  Dive into the world of endless possibilities as you see the ink transform right before your eyes.

9 beautiful transforming colors are available to be used with the Color Changer:

  • Fuchsia to Yellow
  • Blue to Neon Yellow
  • Deep Blue to Pink
  • Brown to Green
  • Black to Green
  • Burgundy to Orange
  • Red to Yellow
  • Green to Pink
  • Purple to Yellow

The Color Changer:

Traditionally this transformability was exclusive to color changing markers however, this innovative colorless liquid has been meticulously formulated to meet the exacting standards of fountain pen enthusiasts and therefore is completely fountain pen safe! Seamlessly integrating with any ink from the Color Changing Ink collection, the Monteverde Ink Color Changer Solution enables effortless color transitions like never before.