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Monteverde Ink Bottle 30ml Emotions Collection

Love Red
Motivation Orange
Peace Blue
Kindness Pink
The Emotions Collection allows you to express how you are feeling in a manner very few non-verbal communications can do. Whether your day’s correspondence calls for passion or confidence, wisdom or motivation; you can find the perfect color for the occasion. Often associated with depth and stability, blue symbolizes confidence, understanding, harmony and courage. With blue, we are able to reduce stress, increase unity, and better communicate our needs, wants and desires. Those determined to gain insight, spiritual perspective or cohesion of mind and matter, surround themselves with this enlightening and strong color.
Much like watching the clouds move across the sky, blue is a color that can reduce stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and serenity. Surround yourself with tranquil blue and you’ll find a higher level of mental clarity and spiritual perspective in your daily life.
An emotionally intense color, red represents love, longing and affection. Associated with our most physical needs and desires, the color red is the embodiment of affection, awakening our desires and stimulating a deeper and more intimate passion within ourselves and to others around us. Let those know how you adore them with this loving and powerful color!
Radiating warmth and happiness, orange is the embodiment of emotional strength, enthusiasm and motivation. Orange is earnest, uplifting and encouraging in difficult times, helping us bounce back from despair and disappointment. Inspiring and powerful, orange rejuvenates the spirit, helps in keeping you motivated and looking towards the positive side of life.