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Monteverde Ink Bottle 30ml Special Edition - La Pen Show Burgundy 2020

Monteverde Bottle Ink 30ml Special Edition - La Pen Show Burgundy 2020 offers top performance with its patented ITF technology, enhancing the ink-flow quality and extending the cap-off time. The dimensions of the fountain pen ink bottle are 1.37x1.34x2.44 inches with a weight of 3.3oz.

A mesmerizing shade as beautiful as the traditional Burgundy underneath our seas. It will add value to your handwriting with a layer of expression. Monteverde ink is known for the ITF technology that improves ink-flow and dry-time, protects from corrosion and clogging, and prolongs cap-off time. Each bottle is made with Monteverde USA's European Ink Treatment Formula for maximum quality.