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Noodler's Ink American Aristocracy 3oz/90ml

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Noodler's Ink American Aristocracy 3oz/90ml is unique in its way as it provides three possible colour variations in dark cherry/ burgundy hues. 

Noodler's American Aristocracy ink is mixed on a per-bottle basis, and no two bottles are exactly the same.

All Noodler's inks are hand made in small batches and the colours can vary slightly from one bottle to another.

  • Archival quality
  • Fast Drying Series
  • 3oz (90ml)
  • For vintage or new fountain pens
  • Dark Cherry and burgundy shades
  • quick (fast)  drying
  • Great for left handers
  • 100% made in the USA

Be Careful while opening as the bottles come full to the brim.