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Octopus Fluids Fountain pen inks 30ml

Burgundy (Burgunder)
Wine Red (Weinrot)
Carribean Breeze (Karibik)
Pine (Pinie)
Black (Schwarz)
Ultramarine Blue
Deep Green (Tiefgrün)
Sepia (Black)
Caramel Brown (Karamell)
Lime Green (Lindgrün)
Spring Green (Frühlingsgrün)
Moss Green(Moosgrün)
Royal Blue (Erasable) Königsblau
Aubergine (Dark Purple)
Lilac (Flieder)
Phoenician Purple (pur pur)
Orchid Pink (Orchidee)
Brilliant Rot (Red)
Red (Rot)

Octopus Fluids Fountain pen ink with the best colourants in a visually appealing bottle.

  • High colour brilliance, low feathering, very good flow, pleasant shading, good lightfastness and soft spread.
  • Only with gentle ingredients, manufactured by the German ink manufacturer Octopus Fluids GmbH & Co. KG.
  • 22 colours of 30ml ink 
  • Also 6 delicate pastel shades available (here)
  • Neon Fluorescent Pigmented also available (here)