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Parafernalia Linea Pencil 2mm

Color: Black
Parafernalia Linea Pencil 2 mm is made of  anodized aluminum, rubber accents.
Linea was created in mind with the most advanced production technologies.
The 2 mm falling lead pencil, in anodized aluminum and available in 11 colours, it is the perfect tool to make dreams a reality.
Expressly conceived for architects, designers and creators of emotions.
Linea was used in the film Alien , directed by Ridley Scott, in 1979.
  • Available in colours: aluminum, black, blue, bronze, green, orange, palladium, red, titanium, turquoise, purple.
  • Size: 153x8x8 
  • Provided in a Cardboard Box Packaging
  • A real technical tool for creatives